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Welcome to the Global Urticaria Association

This is the global umbrella for all those who suffer from Urticaria. In order to be able to represent and enforce our interests worldwide, we have founded this independent organisation.


Due to current developments, we see the need to spread informations as quickly and widely as possible. Please help us all! Share the information so that we can reach as many people as possible all over the world.


We, a very experienced team in the field of urticaria, have spent the last 4 years building an independent and authoritative patient organisation for people and their relatives in Europe.

Those who fight can lose. Those who don't fight have already lost.

Bertolt BrechtBertolt Brecht

I want to encourage and spread confidence.

Marianne DreifussMarianne Dreifuss

As soon as you give up hope, all is lost.


Health is the first duty in life.

Oscar WildeOscar Wilde

Meet our team (soon)

Let us stick to the bitter truth. Here you will find only beautiful photos of us. Some of you can see in the mirror what some of us look like when things aren't going so well. Oh yes, not all of us want to be on the page with a photo.

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We have a lot of work to do and can use any help in all areas. Get in touch. Tell us in which area you would prefer to contribute and ideally your professional skills. We are looking forward to read from you!  


Urticaria after Covid-19 Vaccine

Since the beginning of last year, people who had never been sick before have been reporting to us that they reacted with urticaria to one of the vaccinations. Some cases are very severe and made us very concerned.
It has also hit some of our ranks particularly hard. A few of them are over months unable to work.
Since people continue to contact us daily, we decided last autumn to conduct an independent investigation. Get involved. Share the link to the form. As many people as possible need to participate!

Who is doing the Study?

Our independent organisation. We have been in existence for 4 years and have worked independently since the beginning. Our investigation is also carried out independently. We attach the greatest importance to this for the sake of all those affected.

How can I participate?

Please fill out the form below. We ask as many people as possible who are affected to enter their data in our lists. The more people participate, the more meaningful it becomes.


What happens to my data?

We use the data for internal evaluations and research. All participants can register on our website and view the results as well as the exact numbers. We publish a summary, which we use to advocate for people with urticaria, depending on the results. Registration right afterwards.


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