Welcome to the Global Urticaria Association

This is the global umbrella for all those who suffer from urticaria. In order to be able to represent and enforce our interests worldwide, we have founded this independent organisation.

Due to current developments, we see the need to spread informations as quickly and widely as possible. Please help us all! Share the information so that we can reach as many people as possible all over the world.

We, a very experienced team in the field of urticaria, have spent the last 4 years building an independent and authoritative patient organisation for people and their relatives in Europe.


In the last few months we have researched a lot of information and make it freely available to everyone in our Global Urticaria Group on Facebook**. In this way, we hope to reach and help as many people as possible who have contracted additional illnesses as a result of the Covid-19 vaccination. We cannot express our dismay at the fact that so many people are affected!

Everyone who would like to actively participate in this project and help shape the process is cordially invited to contact us at: help@urticaria.global

* The independent organisation was founded exclusively for people with urticaria and angioedema and other mast cell-related diseases that can accompany them (mast cell activation syndrom, mastocytosis, etc.). The entire team is affected themselves. Membership for affected people only. Our code of ethics will be available soon.

** The Global Urticaria Group is exclusively for people with urticaria and angioedema (and mast cell activation syndrom or other related diseases.

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